Water Treatment Services

Our Range of Products and Services



Hydro Care offers a full range of cationic, anionic and non-ionic flocculent for use on thickeners, de-watering plants, sugar processing and the paper industry.


We specialize in tailor-made coagulants for specific applications in the drinking water industry.

Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment:

Hydro Care provides chemicals, equipment and advice in all aspects of filtration, dosing systems and softening plants.

Cleaning and Disinfectant Chemicals:

We offer a full range of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants for the engineering, mining, food and beverage industries and water treatment applications.


Hydro Care supplies, installs and services a wide range of chemical dosing pumps, dry feeders, chlorinating equipment as well as laboratory equipment and chemicals.


  • Hydro Care's water treatment includes:
    • Potable water treatment;
    • Cooler water treatment;
    • Boiler water treatment;
    • Wastewater treatment
  • On site visits and surveys by qualified and trained consultants (free plant visits and jar tests);
  • Full analysis of water systems;
  • Water and micro-bio analysis;
  • Equipment installation and maintenance